Wildlife of Sabie Game Park

Sabie Game Park boast an abundance of wildlife, beautiful trees, savannah woodlands, swamp areas and sceneries that takes the breath away. It is a haven for birds and bird lovers' alike.
Black Bellied Bustards, the Banded Sand Grouse; Malibu Storks are only a few of the bird viewing treats when you visit Sábiè.

Saddle Billed Storks, Open Bill Storks, Giant White Pelican, Spur-wing Goose, Egyptian Goose, Little Bittern, Goliath Heron, White Faced Ducks are just a few of the rare and scarce and near threatened species inhabiting dams and water areas. Giant White Pelicans are regular visitors to the Corumane Dam and the Lesser Flamingo a sight to see.

Inland, the Woodland Kingfisher and Crested Barbets along with the Purple Crested Touraco's call in the background makes you feel at home. The illusive Emerald Spotted Dove and the scarce Ground Hornbill are just more species to entice a bird watchers appetite. The magnificent long Crested Eagle, beautiful Bateleur Eagle, and a host of other raptors can be found in the park.

BirdLife South Africa E-newsletter: “Atlasing the Lebombo” 

One of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world, Sabie Game Park gives entrance to the spectacle of wild Africa – the heart-stopping excitement of big game viewing, supreme tranquility and serenity of an untouched wilderness, and vast landscapes of extraordinary natural beauty.

There is a dynamic shift of animals between the Kruger Park and Sabie Game Park. During the wet season most large animals move away north from the dam to take advantage of the lush grazing that surrounds it. As this grazing begins to die in the winter animals move back to the south. 

A great selection of species are found within the park including African Bush Elephant, African Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe, Nile crocodile, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena, Greater Kudu, Sable Antelope, White Rhinoceros, Plains Zebra, Warthog and Chacma Baboon. 

Rhino Conservation
Sabie Game Park has applied to breed white rhino on a permanent basis, creating the first rhino sanctuary in Mozambique.
An analysis of rhino poaching was presented and it concludes that a long term solution for rhino poaching would be to involve the local community in a breeding project at SGP.  Profits from the rhino project will 100% be transferred to the community.  Up to date 30 rhinos have been killed in the SGP which denied the community access to profits amounting to an estimated 28 000 000 Meticais.
It is the intention to fit one elephant, three buffalo, three lions, one leopard and one cheetah with radio collars for research management purposes and also to use these collared animals as  part of a trail experience.

Nowhere on this earth have such a rich abundance of fauna and flora as Southern Africa - and so many places where you can see and enjoy it.

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